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District Office
328 East Main Street
Amanda, Ohio 43102
P: 740-969-7250
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High School
328 East Main Street
Amanda, Ohio 43102
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Middle School
328 East Main Street
Amanda, Ohio 43102
P: 740-969-7252
F: 740-969-7642
328 East Main Street
Amanda, Ohio 43102
P: 740-969-7253
F: 740-969-4764
414 North School Street
Amanda, Ohio 43102
P: 740-969-7254
F: 740-969-3086
Towne Crier
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Sports Physical Evaluation

Student Insurance Policy

AC Income Tax Renewal Facts
Earned Income Tax Levy Information
Podcast School Levy 1
Podcast School Levy 2
Amanda-Clearcreek  Schools’ Belief Statement 
All students can learn.
All students have the right to a quality education.
All students should be treated with respect and dignity.
Learning is a shared responsibility of the student, the home, the school, and the community.

Amanda-Clearcreek  Schools’ Vision Statement 
The Amanda-Clearcreek School District’s vision is to prepare graduates to become productive community members and life-long learners.  We strive to create a learning environment that provides students with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.
Academic   •   Commitment to   •   Excellence and   •   Success
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Open Enrollment 2016/2017
2016-2016 Open Enrollment Application

Applications should be mailed to:
Sheryl Pontus (email)
Amanda-Clearcreek Local Schools
328 East Main Street
Amanda, OHio  43102
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Congratulations to Kristen Gray
District Winner as a 10th, 11th, and 12th grader
The American Legion: Americanism & Government Test

Presenting the award: Lew Kennedy, Adjutant
Clyde B. Smith, Post #57
Graduating Class of 2016