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Doors Open 8:40am
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Breakfast is $.25 /  Milk is $.40
Lunch is $2.25

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2015-2016 Student Handbook
2015-2016 Volunteer Handbook
2015-2016 Volunteer Application
Movie Night
Thanks to all involved in helping to
support a very successful Holiday Movie Night!
4-H Awareness
It is exciting to have the opportunity to partner with the Ohio State Extension Office to bring 4-H Awareness to our third graders!  Thank you,
Sue Suttles and 4-H members for the fantastic presentation!
4th Grade Social Studies Project
It is exciting to have the opportunity to partner with the Ohio State Extension Office to bring 4-H Awareness to our third graders!  Thank you,
Sue Suttles and 4-H members for the fantastic presentation!
View Previous Events from 2015-2016 School Year
Settlement of Ohio
In Mrs. Meyer and my social studies classes we have been working on the settlement of Ohio. We included the creation of artifacts in class where
the students made log cabins with supplies, covered wagons, and even one room school houses. I attached a few pictures from Mrs. Ogborn's class where Ms. Roger's students worked hard to create some great artifacts as well!
Rocks, Soil and Minerals
Third graders at Amanda-Clearcreek Elementary have been busy learning about rocks, soil and minerals in their science classes.  The students were able to participate in a hands-on presentation from Nikki Drake and Amy Boyer from the Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District.  The students wrapped up their unit by creating edible soil layers.  Yum!  "Science is fun!" is the theme in Mrs. Bennett's science classes.
Math Night Event
Dress Like Mark Garrett
Students and staff all dressed like Mark Garrett, 5th grade teacher, in honor of his birthday.
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
The fourth grade students read the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with a focus on the characters and setting.  Not only did we get to read the novel, we were able to watch two different versions of the story and discuss the similarities and differences between the book and movies.  Mrs. Moyer and Mrs. Morgan's homeroom completed projects based on their favorite character and setting.  Their work was fantastic! We also had a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" to celebrate this wonderful classic.  Parents were invited to join us and students were encouraged to dress up as their favorite character.  The students brought in snacks to share as they presented their projects.  We had a great day and the kids really enjoyed themselves!
Snow Day Make Up Schedule 2015-2016
We WILL be going to school EVERY FRIDAY in April

The first 5 days we do not have to make up.  Here is a chart to help you plan your last days of school.
If we have snow day number... Student's Last Day Teachers Last Day
  6   Thurs. May 26   Fri. May 27
  7   Fri. May 27   Tues. May 31
  8   Tues. May 31   Wed. June 1
  9   Wed. June 1   Thurs. June 2
  10   Thurs. June 2   Fri. June 3
Pie in the Face!
South Central Presentation
Amanda-Clearcreek Elementary students had the wonderful opportunity to learn about electricity and live-wire safety.  We would like to thank the South Central Company for a fantastic presentation. 
Math Competition Results
The Math Competition was held at Fairfield Christian Academy in Lancaster representing grades 2nd- 6th.  It was the 2nd year for the competition.

Aubrey Meyer and Megan Tooill competited in a Math Competition at Fairfield Christian Academy on Saturday, March 19, 2016.  Aubrey placed first in all areas except Team and Megan placed 2nd in Mental Math.  A-C Elementary is very proud of both girls!
Cole Reynolds!

Cole was nominated by his 5th grade teacher, Miss Jones, as a representative at the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C.  We are extremely proud of Cole and wish him the very best!
congratulations Cole Reynolds!
Third Grade Billboard Contest
Third grade students recently participated in the 2016 Third Grade Billboard Contest.  Elena Reta's entry came in first place among all Amanda-Clearcreek third grade students.  Reese Marshall's entry came in second place among all Amanda-Clearcreek third grade students.  These entries were then sent to the Lancaster-Fairfield Community Action Agency for a final judging. 

Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Schultz were excited to receive notice that Elena's billboard entry was chosen as the THIRD PLACE COUNTY WIDE WINNER!  Elena's teachers as well as Mrs. Pinkstock, Amanda-Clearcreek Elementary Principal, are very proud of her.  There were 1131 third graders, from 14 elementary schools in Fairfield County who participated in the contest this year.  An awards ceremony will be held on April 23rd at Alley Park.  At the ceremony, Elena will be awarded a $25 check, a certificate of achievement and some recycled content products.  Mrs. Bennett will also be presented with a $50 check for her science classroom.  Congratulations Elena on a job well done!
Art for the VA Hospital
Elementary art students worked on a special project for the VA Hospital in Chillicothe, Ohio. The students painted ceiling tiles that were placed in patients rooms throughout the hospital. The students went on a field trip to present the tiles to the veterans. The students had the opportunity to visit with the veterans.