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Dear Parent,

High School is an incredibly formative time. During these years, students discover their passions and build the foundation for who they will become. We recently visited your student's school and shared the inspirational message from Mike Smith, a youth motivational speaker dedicated to encouraging students to change the culture of their school, and pursue their passions. We want to share this message with you directly in case your student hasn't had time in their busy schedule to do so (as if they ever would do that!).

Graduating high school is one of the biggest accomplishments in your student's life. At Jostens, we can help you remember these stories, celebrate this important milestone, and help capture the essence of what high school is all about. Click here to learn more.
Geography Class - Maps
Students in Mr. Miller's high school geography class made maps. These maps had to be be hand-created with no computer-generated parts. The maps were made of the country or continent of the student's choice. The maps had to show borders, topography, resources, major cities, and include a compass and key with symbols.
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