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Town Crier Article
On January 6, 2016 Amanda-Clearcreek Middle School and High School band students participated in the Fairfield County Honor Band held at Fairfield Union High School.

The middle school band consisted of students from every school in the county.  Each band director nominated up to ten students.  These students then came together for an all day rehearsal on the 6th.  Guest conductor Nancy Youse, retired band director from Brookpark Middle School, worked with the students all day.

The high band students who participated had to audition to be accepted into the group, with a few students nominated in to round out the instrumentation.  The high school students had the pleasure of being directed by George Edge, retired band director from Grove City High School.

After rehearsing all day with their respective directors the bands then gave a concert that evening.  Both groups did an outstanding job.

Students from Amanda-Clearcreek who participated were middle school: Kaila Bennett, Laci Kuhlwein, Audrey Butterbaugh, Natalie Heister, Abby Tooill, Anthony Buckley, Aaron Sharp, Kyle Hicks, and Dorothea West.  High school students who participated were:  Shalyn Brown, Kristen Gray, Elizabeth VanGundy, Lara Peters, Mikayla Hicks, Meagan Hamilton, Madeline Hutchinson, Noah Heister, Tyler Gobel, Becky Griffith, Ellie Tipple, C.J. Yeager and Harrison Poor.

OHSAA Meetings

The Spring mandatory OHSAA meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

February 18 at 7:00PM in the cafetorium OR
February 24 at 7:00PM in the cafetorium

Parents/Guardians and athletes that have NOT previously attended an OHSAA meeting are required to attend ONE of these meetings.  You will set up a Final Forms account and learn Amanda-Clearcreek's athletic rules and regulations.  The athlete and the parent/guardian must attend this meeting together.

Canaan Gardner - Athletic Scholarship to
Ohio Christian University

Canaan Gardner will be accepting an Athletic Scholarship to Ohio Christian University this fall. While at OCU, he will be participating in Cross Country and Track. Congratulations and good luck Canaan!
Bacterial Transformation
The Amanda-Clearcreek AP Biology class has recently been studying how to change the DNA of bacteria. To aid their studies, they conducted an experiment to understand the process better. In this experiment they shocked the E. Coli cells with varying extreme temperatures .This shocking caused the E. Coli to snatch up DNA sequences that contained an Ampicillin resistant and “glow” gene.   After this transformation occurred, the students observed and studied the new modified bacteria and recorded their data. The students knew they were successful when the E. Coli began to colonize on the antibiotic plates and because they fluoresced under UV light. The fact that the bacteria was alive meant that the E. Coli picked up the genes that the students inserted.