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Quick Links

2014-2015 Student Handbook

Phases of the Moon

Students in Mrs. Evans' 7th grade science class have been learning about the phases of the moon.  Recently, they created a study tool to learn these phases.  This was a fairly inexpensive way to simulate what occurs during a month's time around our Earth.  Students use a notecard and a ping pong ball to create this clever hands-on project.  Thanks for all the donations!  This project could not have been accomplished without the help of such great parents!

"Heather Evans Middle School Science Classes"

Wildlife and Fisheries Class

Wildlife biologist showing raptor banding and release. Awesome experience!! Thanks to USDA Wildlife Services! Bird successfully released from our school!

Aces of the Month

Jay Sahr
Sarah Hayes
Alison Eveland
Dylan Smith
Zane Hayes
Kennedy Rhymer
Jason Mansell

Brody Pugh
Morgan Anderson
Emily Ruck
Logan Rigsby
Talitha Hochstetler
Blaine Holbrook

Anthony Buckley
Alli Cramer
Kiley Holbrook
Daneil Ball
Mackenzie Dille
Colton Young

Elaina Fowler
Lane Stevens
Emma Chambers
Garrett Dearth
Jeremiah West
Autumn Queen

Nathan Heister
Natalie Heister
Peyton Euliss
Trevor Spence
Jake Thompson
Courtney Young
Congratulations to all of the students!

Mr. Landrum's Class

Advanced Science Project

Moon Phases, Tides and Eclipses

Five students in the 7th grade science class participated in an advanced assignment over “Moon Phases, Tides and Eclipses.  They earned this by placing high on a pre-assessment given in class.  These students were required to collaboratively create a slide presentation and write a maximum of a 1000 word essay.  These students also were given the opportunity to create a hands-on project of their choice. 

2015 Middle School Yearbooks
Place your order no later than January 25th for a 40 page, soft bound, color yearbook featuring photo memories of the 2014-2015 Middle School Year. Books are on sale now until January 25th for only $25 per book. >>view details

Climate Scavenger Hunt

Students in 7th grade science took part in a Climate Scavenger Hunt.  24 climate facts were hidden randomly around the science classroom and the students had to find them in order to answer questions on a worksheet.  Some of the cards were hidden in plane site while others students had to literally crawl on the floor to find!  The #1 rule was NO TALKING, so students had to find other modes of communication with their partner.  This is the second time we have had a scavenger hunt in class and I think the students have really enjoyed a change in the learning process.

The following students had this to say about the activity:

Julian Scott

:  "This was a very fun and exciting activity that made you think outside the box and put your mind to the test.  It was very enjoyable but also educating.  This is one of my favorite things to do in Mrs. Evans 7th grade science class."

Kiley Holbrook

:  "This activity was an enjoyable way of taking notes and learning a new standard.  I had a lot of fun completing this activity."

Isaac Numbers

:  "This activity allowed me to learn a fun new exciting way. It allowed me to be able to enjoy science while still learning.  The excitement of learning and remembering a new fact helps me learn more about our climate and weather

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