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Phases of the Moon

Students in Mrs. Evans' 7th grade science class have been learning about the phases of the moon.  Recently, they created a study tool to learn these phases.  This was a fairly inexpensive way to simulate what occurs during a month's time around our Earth.  Students use a notecard and a ping pong ball to create this clever hands-on project.  Thanks for all the donations!  This project could not have been accomplished without the help of such great parents!

"Heather Evans Middle School Science Classes"

Wildlife and Fisheries Class

Wildlife biologist showing raptor banding and release. Awesome experience!! Thanks to USDA Wildlife Services! Bird successfully released from our school!

Aces of the Month

Jay Sahr
Sarah Hayes
Alison Eveland
Dylan Smith
Zane Hayes
Kennedy Rhymer
Jason Mansell

Brody Pugh
Morgan Anderson
Emily Ruck
Logan Rigsby
Talitha Hochstetler
Blaine Holbrook

Anthony Buckley
Alli Cramer
Kiley Holbrook
Daneil Ball
Mackenzie Dille
Colton Young

Elaina Fowler
Lane Stevens
Emma Chambers
Garrett Dearth
Jeremiah West
Autumn Queen

Nathan Heister
Natalie Heister
Peyton Euliss
Trevor Spence
Jake Thompson
Courtney Young

Carson Dum
Audrey Butterbaugh
Gracie Hyme
Isaiah McQuade
Zach Meadows
Maggie Mettler
Miles Harvey

Seth Lockard
Rozlynn Lytle
Julia Hall
Aaron Sharp
Timothy Smith
Stephanie Bowers
Noah Robinson

Dorthea West
Christian Riley
Cole Lowe
Emma Chambers
Emily Nixon
Garrett Drake
Congratulations to all of the students!

Mr. Landrum's Class

Advanced Science Project

Moon Phases, Tides and Eclipses

Five students in the 7th grade science class participated in an advanced assignment over “Moon Phases, Tides and Eclipses.  They earned this by placing high on a pre-assessment given in class.  These students were required to collaboratively create a slide presentation and write a maximum of a 1000 word essay.  These students also were given the opportunity to create a hands-on project of their choice. 

Career Pathway Expo
Ms. Blower from Eastland-Fairfield Technical Schools met with our 6th-8th graders.  The Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical will be offering a Career Pathways Expo for all 6th-8th graders and their
families.  The Expo is on February 26 from 4:30-8:00.  They will also be offering a Summer Camp to all students in grades 6th-8th.  The camp will run during the day on June 10-12.  Students can sign up tor the Summer Camp at the Career Expo or starting online Feb. 26th at If you have any questions about the Career Expo or Summer Camp you contact Mrs. Dupler by email at

Climate Scavenger Hunt
Students in 7th grade science took part in a Climate Scavenger Hunt.  24 climate facts were hidden randomly around the science classroom and the students had to find them in order to answer questions on a worksheet.  Some of the cards were hidden in plane site while others students had to literally crawl on the floor to find!  The #1 rule was NO TALKING, so students had to find other modes of communication with their partner.  This is the second time we have had a scavenger hunt in class and I think the students have really enjoyed a change in the learning process.

The following students had this to say about the activity:

Julian Scott:  "This was a very fun and exciting activity that made you think outside the box and put your mind to the test.  It was very enjoyable but also educating.  This is one of my favorite things to do in Mrs. Evans 7th grade science class."

Kiley Holbrook:  "This activity was an enjoyable way of taking notes and learning a new standard.  I had a lot of fun completing this activity."

Isaac Numbers:  "This activity allowed me to learn a fun new exciting way. It allowed me to be able to enjoy science while still learning.  The excitement of learning and remembering a new fact helps me learn more about our climate and weather

Star Scores
In a given school year, we would like our students to make at least one year's worth of growth in reading and math. As of January, students in the 6-8 grade have a combined growth average of almost a half year in reading. The students who are in RTI have a growth average of 8 months already.  RTI students receive small group instruction and specific interventions.

As of January, students in the 6-8 grade have a combined growth average of over 8 months already.  This is an excellent growth measure for our students in math.  For the 2014-2015 school year, we provided students with a double block of math in 7th and 8th grade to ensure that teachers had more class time with the new math curriculum and the rigor that is involved.  This double block has proven to be extremely effective.
6th Grade Wax Museum @ 6:30pm
Honor Roll Incentive Trip to Slate Run Metro Park
4th 9 Weeks Interims Sent Home
Band Concert @ 7pm
Student Council trip to State House
8th Grade Civil War Presentation
Washington DC Trip - 8th Grade Field Trip
NO SCHOOL - Teacher In Service Day
Camp Muskingum - 6th Grade Field Trip
NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
Last Day of School
4th 9 Weeks Grade Cards Will be Mailed Home
7th Grade Science Vocabulary
Students in 7th grade science played an age old game to learn vocabulary terms over their  Ecology unit.  Students folded a square sheet of paper to create origami-like creations called "cootie catchers."  They could choose any 8 of the 22 terms from this unit to place on their papers.  Students competed against each other in a simple game.  This first student to six points wins the game.
7th Grade Science Cell Organelles
Seventh grade science students in Mrs. Evans classroom review for a unit test over "Cell Organelles, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration" by playing card games.  These cards have the units terms, definitions, and pictures on separate cards in cluding an "Old Maid."  Students were put in groups of 4 where they were then instructed to play the childhood game of "Old Maid."  This quickly evolved into  "Go Fish."  This wasn't the intended game, but it worked out great and the kids really seemed to enjoy it.  Several groups also turned the card game into a "Memory" game where they had to match a picture with the correct terms.  Some teams made it even more challenging by having to match the term, picture and definition. It was exciting to see the students alter the game and make it a fun learning experience for them in their own way!
Accelerated Project - Ecosystems
7 students took part in the accelerated project covering Ecosystems the 3rd nine weeks in 7th grade science.  In groups, Students decided on an animal to research and report their findings on a trifold poster board which was presented to the class.  Individually, each students ploted out an area of land and recorded the biotic and abiotic factors of their plot for a period of several days.  Many students took pictures to add to their journal entries.  The research groups were as folllows: Emily Ruck and Addie Jenkinson researched Hawkbill sea turtles, Aaron Sharp and Jacon Samblin researched the King Cobra, and Jordan Dillon, Logan Rigsby and Rachel Smith researched the barn owl.
Middle School Debate Winners
Our seventh grade students recently chose a debate topic where technology was used to research that topic and then students created their debate arguments totally using technology. The students in the picture are the winners.

Back row from left to right:  Allie Poston, Lexi Snyder, Emma Butterbaugh, Dani Drum, Alison Eveland, Courtney Parrish, and Jesse Connell

Front row from left to right:  Sebastian Thompson, Kyle Hicks, and Logan Rigsby
Foreign Language Opportunity
I wanted to make you aware of an opportunity that may be of interest to your 3 to 8 grade students. The Ohio Foreign Language Association offers a week long summer camp for elementary and middle school students focused on language learning through immersion. Students have the choice of studying French, Spanish, German, or Japanese. I know several foreign language teachers who have worked at the camp and sent students in the past, and have heard only positive things. I received an email this weekend that there is still scholarship money available for students to attend. It sounds like it could be a very good experience for our kids at Amanda! >>more details
Element Globe Projects
This year in 7th grade science the students in Mrs. Evans’ science class created “Element Globes.”  After deciding on groups, students chose an element from a list to research.  Only two groups were allowed to research the same element.  Students had to research specific information for the twelve sides of the final globe.  Each group decided what information the group members were to research. Some of the information students were required to include was: element name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, where it is found, and who the element was discovered by.  Once the slides were completed, they were graded through peer evaluations. 

The next step of the project was the group presentation.  Each group member had to give a brief talk about what they learned from the project.  These presentations last anywhere from a couple of minutes to nearly 15 minutes! Some groups went so far as to create a power point presentation to go along with their projects.  Finally, the students displayed their globes in the hallway for all of the junior high to see.  The students had worked very hard on this and were very proud of their work.  Overall, the kids had a fun time learning about their element and creating their globes. 

Written by the collaboration of several 7th grades students at Amanda Clearcreek

Quotes from the kids…..

“The globe project was an extremely fun learning experience!  It challenged us to work as a team and learn new things about elements!” - Anna Varney

“The element globe project was very exhilarating!  It was a blast to work with our classmates and choose our element.  Learning and researching our element was very fun and built skills.”  - Emma Chambers and Laci Kuhlwein

“It took a lot of hard work and effort but in the end it was fun and we learned a lot about Neon.” - Julian Predmore

“It was a lot of fun working with partners and discovering new things about elements, especially sulfur which smells like rotten eggs!” - Sammie Walls Paige Eckertson