Amanda-Clearcreek Local School District Bullying, Hazing, Harassment and Safety commitment:

The Amanda-Clearcreek Local School District is committed to the health, welfare, well-being and safety of all students. The district must be able to hear about and take action to support our students. Amanda-Clearcreek provides an online and telephone incident reporting tool as an opportunity to report incidents related to these types of incidents:

Bullying, Hazing, Harassment and Safety.


Students and/or parents may also talk to a teacher, a counselor or the school principal to report an incident. All incidents, regardless of how reported, will be treated and handled in the same manner. No administrator will take action until the report has been discussed with you except in matters where we are legally required to notify authorities.


Confidentiality: We are committed to the highest level of confidentiality about what we discover and about to whom and what type of consequences are imposed, if any. This is to protect the privacy of all persons involved.


False Accusations: To protect members of the school community from unjust accusations, the district has policies that prohibit anyone from misrepresenting facts or falsely accusing someone, especially when such action is intended to cause harm to another. Those who make reports in good faith, meaning they believe the information to be truthful, would not have any adverse consequences for making a report.


All related Bullying, Hazing and Harassment policies are posted in the links below.


To report incidents of Bullying, Hazing, Harassment and Safety Concerns:

Call 740-675-1970 option 7 or go to: amanda.tipline.info