On January 11, 2017, 24 Amanda-Clearcreek Middle School and High School band students participated in the Fairfield County All County Band Festival. The 10 middle school students were nominated by Miss Meyer. Each school in the county can nominate up to 10 of their best middle school musicians. The students who participated from Amanda-Clearcreek are Susan Hershberger, Sara Sharp, Audrey Butterbaugh, Emily McCormick, Natalie Heister, Nathan Heister, Anthony Buckley, Quintin Lott, Kaylee Sharp, and Dorothea West.

The High School students must audition and be accepted to be a part of the All County Band. Amanda-Clearcreek had 14 students accepted to participate. They are Shalyn Brown, Elizabeth VanGundy, Delaney Chester, Lara Peters, Laci Kuhlwein, Emma Chambers, Mikayla Hicks, Mario Richardson, Kiley Holbrook, Noah Heister, Dalton Cunningham, Giuseppe Fazio, Harrison Poor, and Brie Siefert.

All the students who were selected met at Fairfield Union High School on Wednesday, January 11 to begin rehearsals at 11:00 am, due to most schools being on a two-hour delay. The Middle school band rehearsed with Dan Meeks, a retired middle school music teacher from Northwest Ohio, and the high school band rehearsed with Pat Meeks, Dan's wife, who is also a retired music teacher.

After rehearsing the rest of the day the students presented a concert the same evening at 7:00pm. There was a large turnout for the performance and all of the students did a fantastic job!

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