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At A.C.H.S. we take pride in the high percentage of our sophomores who pass all their OGT exam sections on the first attempt. However, there are always some students who struggle with one or more sections of the test. For these students, there are additional chances to pass the tests:

• Summer between 10th and 11th grade (optional);
• Fall and spring of 11th grade;
• Summer between 11th and 12th grade (optional);
• Fall and spring of 12th grade;
• There are opportunities to retake the test after completion of Grade 12, but students will not graduate
   until they show proficiency.

We provide structured help and preparation for these exams here at the school, but parents of students who still have a section to pass may want to use online help. Below are a few sites that can help students get ready for the October testing, with brief descriptions of what you will find at each:

OGT Workbooks for Each Section of the Exam

This page will allow you to choose from five different workbooks in pdf format, so you can print each workbook out at home if you choose. The workbooks themselves are much more than simple collections of previous test questions. Each includes important information for OGT coaches and students to consider as they improve test-taking strategies. When used in conjunction with the detailed Family Report Interpretive Guide given to each student by the state, these workbooks can help a student “zero in” on the specific areas where most improvement is needed.

Practice for the Tests

This page will let you see released questions from previously-administered tests, take practice tests, see explanations of why some answers are right or wrong, or see other resources available for students and parents through ODE - not just for the OGT, but also for choosing a career path, applying for colleges, and looking for financial aid.
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