Stephanie Hedges (email
Principals Secretary
ext. 2101

P: 740-969-7252
F: 740-969-4764
Attn: Middle School
Tricia Haughn (email)
ext. 2201
Academic   •   Commitment to   •   Excellence and   •   Success

Left to right: Susie James, Math, TIm Leist, Social Studies, Amy Cline, Intervention Specialist, Betty Fager,Intervention Specialist, Jennifer Lederle, Science Heather Boyer, ELA, Kari Blanchard, ELA, Holly Helber, Math Sara Eyers, Interpreter


Left to right: AJ Ireland, Math, Scott Landrum, Social Studies, Heather Evans, Science, Jayna Dawson, ELA, Chasatie Strickler, Intervention Specialist, Robin Sharp-Arnett, Abbey Gaal, Ceramics, Dusty Hines, Math

Left to right:

Mike Brosovich, Science, Abbey Gaal, Digital Art, Diana Ball, Social Studies, Debbie Young, Math, Taylor Garot, ELA
Lindsey Oxley, ELA, Samantha Oberfield, Intervention Specialist, AJ Ireland, Math


Michael Brosovich, Science 8  (mbrosovich@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Heather Evans, Science 7 (hevans@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Jennifer Lederle, Science 6 (jlederle@amanda.k12.oh.us)


Abbey Gaal, Art 7,8 (agaal@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Kori Meyer, Instrumental Music, (kmeyer@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Denise Morgan, Art 6 (dmorgan@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Justin Morgan, Physical Education (jmorgan@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Connie Ogg, Physical Education (cogg@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Erica Tiller , Choir (erica_tiller@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Janelle Wilson , Spanish (jawilson@amanda.k12.oh.us)
ESC Hearing Impaired Unit
Kathy Simonson, ESC Hearing Teacher (ksimonson@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Mel Carsey, Interpreter (mcarsey@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Sara Eyers, Interpreter (seyers@amanda.k12.oh.us


Amy Beth Cline, Intervention Specialist 6, 7 & 8 (acline@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Sharon Compton, Educational aide (scompton@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Kim Cox, Educational Aide (kcox@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Betty Fager, Intervention Specialist 6 (bfager@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Karen Hollett, Educational Aide (karen_hollett@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Samantha Oberfield, Intervention Specialist 7 & 8 (spayne@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Christie Stalter, Educational Aide (chris_stalter@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Chasatie Stickler, Intervention Specialist 7 & 8 (cstrickler@amanda.k12.oh.us)


Tricia Haughn, Principal (thaughn@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Steve Evans, Assistant MS/HS Principal / AD (sevans@amanda.k12.oh.us)


Stephanie Hedges, Secretary (shedges@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Julie Feliciano, Athletic Secretary (jufeliciano@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Guidance Counselor
Jody Dupler, Guidance Counselor (jdupler@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Mental Health Counselor
Christie Oda, New Horizons Mental Health Counselor (coda@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Emily Leist, Nurse (eleist@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Stephanie Davie, Nurse Aide (stephanie_davis@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Reading - Language - English

Taylor Ashley, ELA 8 (tashley@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Kari Blanchard, ELA 6 (kblanchard@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Heather Boyer, ELA 6  (hboyer@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Jayna Dawson, ELA 7 (jdawson@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Lindsey Oxley, ELA 8  (loxley@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Robin Sharp-Arnett, ELA 7 (rsharpArnett@amanda.k12.oh.us)


Dusty Hines, Math 7 (dhines@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Susan James, Math 6 (sjames@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Holly Helber , Math 6 (hhelber@amanda.k12.oh.us)

AJ Ireland , Math 7 & 8 (aireland@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Elissa Spangler, MS Geometry (espangler@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Debbie J. Young, Math 8/Algebra I (dyoung@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Vocational Education

Sarita Fenn, Into to Family and Consumer Sciences 7/Transitions & Careers 8  (sfenn@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Scott Sharp, Introduction to Ag 7 & 8 (ssharp@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Gina Neff, Technology 6 (gina_neff@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Scott Weaver, Technology 7-12 (scott_weaver@amanda.k12.oh.us)


Kellie Adams, Library 7-12 Library Aide (kadams@amanda.k12.oh.us)

Carla Sharp, Library 3-6 Library Aide (csharp@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Amanda-Clearcreek Local Schools
Social Studies

Diana Ball, Social Studies 8   (dball@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Scott Landrum, Social Studies 7  (slandrum@amanda.k12.oh.us)
Tim Leist, Social Studies 6  (tleist@amanda.k12.oh.us)