COVID-19 Information



Continuity of Services and Grant Allocation and Spending

Amanda-Clearcreek Local schools have been allocated approximately $2,662,585 to address the challenges created by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Board and Administration focused on the needs of the students, staff and families as it developed a plan to address learning gaps, social/emotional needs, food insecurity, and other related pandemic issues.


Social/Emotional Teachers, counselors, social workers and other mental health focused professionals have been added to our staff to directly impact our student recovery. Emotional support dogs as well as sensory equipment and spaces have been added to the district, as well. Staff participates in ongoing professional development to better equip them with tools and resources needed to deal with the everyday problems our families and students are facing.


These funds have also been utilized to ensure learning spaces are adequately equipped to ensure social distancing and additionally technology has been upgraded to accommodate these expanded learning spaces.


While the board of education supports that in person learning is the most effective and efficient delivery of education, they also support the administration’s plan for remote learning, if needed. Devices for all students Kindergarten through 12th Grade are available and curriculum software allows teachers to deliver education remotely that aligns with the in-person quality and pace. Software is also provided that allows students to work at their individual level in order to address the gaps in learning.


The district continues to use current data to determine the academic needs of the students.


Below are graphs that illustrate the allocation and dollars spent through November 30, 2021.

Coronavirus Grand Funds Graph
Coroanvirus Spending Graph