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The fiscal accountability demands of the 21st century are imposing. The financial stability of a school district is crucial in the education of Ohio’s students. An effective treasurer is an essential team member in striving for excellence in education.

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for all accounting, payroll and financial reporting for the district including: payroll and benefits, accounts payable and receivable, and EMIS (student information) data coordination. The Treasurer of an Ohio school district must hold appropriate certification to serve as the Chief Financial Officer and reports directly to the Board of Education. The treasurer and superintendent are the only two district employees who report directly to the Board of Education. Many of the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer are outlined in various sections of the Ohio Revised Code.

Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget and the publication of an annual report. By law, the Board of Education must adopt a budget by September 30 of each year. Copies of the District's budget are available to the general public.

The Treasurer also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Education. In this role, all contracts, documents, and the official minutes (including audio and/or video recordings) of all Board meetings are kept as official records. Board meeting tapes are public records and are available for review by any citizen during business hours. Board minutes are available Online.

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