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Kindness 101



Now that we've celebrated Kindness Week, let's carry kindness into the rest of the school year!  Join us each week for our Kindness 101 series where we provide a topic for you to discuss with your students at home. First, talk about the weekly character trait, then click on the slide below to launch a video about the topic and watch together .  We want our students to know that Kindness Matters!

Week Thirty


Week Twenty-Nine

Week Twenty-Eight


Week Twenty-Seven


Week Twenty-Six

Week Twenty-Five


Week Twenty-Four


Week Twenty-Three


Week Twenty-Two


Week Twenty-One


Week Twenty

Week Nineteen


Week Eighteen


Week Seventeen


Week Sixteen


Week Fifteen


Week Fourteen


Week Thirteen


Week Twelve


Week Eleven


Week Ten


Week Nine


Week Eight


Week Seven



Week Six


Week Five


Week Four


Week Three


Week Two


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