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Amanda-Clearcreek Community,

I am honored to serve as superintendent of the Amanda-Clearcreek Local School District. Since prior to my arrival in the community in 2022, I have long heard about the history, traditions and pride associated with the district. Thank you to the school community for immediately welcoming me and inviting me to the many events and traditions that make Amanda-Clearcreek the great place to learn, live and work. It is energizing to see the excitement of students as they proudly represent our district at the local, state and national levels.

The district has worked hard to reinforce its values through our PBIS program and the “ACES Way” which encourages students to Act Responsibly, Come Prepared, Encourage Others and Show Respect. Our students exhibit these qualities at school and outside of school, which is a true testament to the culture of the community. These qualities are not only exhibited by our tremendous students, but also by our instructional and support staff.

I would be remiss if not to recognize the investment the community has made in the district. We are committed to continuing to be good stewards of that investment. You may have noticed several projects working to update and maintain our facilities and programs. As we move forward, you will continue to see investments made in both the services we provide as well as the facilities and infrastructure in the district. We will continue to work toward efficiency, while also providing robust opportunities for our students.

I encourage the community to continue to support the goals developed by the district strategic planning committee. The district will focus on the Education and Academic Opportunities, Communications, Growth and Change and Financial Health for the district. As we progress into the following school years, we will narrow the strategies and action steps we will put in place to continue the continuous cycle of improvement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your continued support of our district.


Timothy R. Edwards, Ed.D.
Amanda-Clearcreek Local School District